Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Grayton Beach 4th

Monday, July 4, 2011

Home from the Chateau Dumas

I have finally returned home from France, and oh what a wonderful time I had! Southern France is so beautiful and I made some new lasting friendships that I look forward to visiting. 

So sorry I have not uploaded pictures for a few days, but the process was soooo slow there. Here a couple days worth and I have a few more!
Shopping for linens
Caussade, France
A "Secret" garden in Caussade
Caussade cathedral and market
olives, olives and more olives
Kim, Melissa and Nilta 
Mary, Danielle, Meleen, Cary and Laurel
The bridge over River Lot, Causssade
Picnic by the River Lot
Lavender Field we visited
Entrance to Chateau Dumas
A welcoming bench at Chateau Dumas
Gardens of Chateau Dumas
(My window-2nd floor far left)
Sunflower fields behind the Chateau-Glorious!!
Can you hear the bees?