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"I want to write about moving at a gentler, more loving pace in everything I do, learning to appreciate the beauty of everyday moments, the wisdom of thinking things over. I was forced to slow down when I lost my job--and the journey of grieving and recovery is what my book is about. Slow living led me to falling in love with the world, experiencing what I think of as slow love."  

                                               -Dominique Browning

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student #7: Disney Week!

Hello, everyone! :) It's Savannah, excited to start college next week! I am very excited about it. (Not to worry, I'll still blog).
This week, I'll be doing something a little different. I've declared this week Disney week, because I have not one, but THREE Disney inspired outfits to show you.

can you paint with all the colors of the wind?Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

can you paint with all the colors of the wind? by bunnylemonade featuring William Rast jeans

I really like the story of Pocahontas. I'm glad she's one of the Disney princesses because not only is she a "princess" per se (daughter of a chieftain), she's a selfless woman who puts all other's needs before her own, especially when her tribe needs her. Not to mention the great music in the film as well (I included some lyrics in the set).
I tried to stay true to her original outfit, so I went with a neutral one-shoulder top to shadow her dress in a modern way. I added skinny jeans in a medium to dark wash, along with a fabulous print bag and woven sandals. Accessory-wise, I made sure to include a turquoise necklace like the one Pocahontas wears in the film, along with red jewelry to mirror her tattoo and red lipstick. There's Sephora by OPI nail polish in there for fun. :)

Ariel's one of my top 3 Disney princesses (Cinderella, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty). She's definitely a hopeless romantic (like me), and she can sing (I was in chorus for 4 years).
As far as her outfit goes, it's pretty simple. I found a cute dress with flowers on it (because Ariel loves putting flowers in her hair) and paired it with dark skinny jeans from Rock & Republic. The purple in the dress mirrors her shell top, and the green heels mirror her tail. I thought the Betsey Johnson earrings and Disney Couture necklace were fitting. I included a set of OPI nail polishes so that you could decide for yourself what color nails would look good with the outfit. All of them could work :)

PrincessJasmineFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

PrincessJasmine by bunnylemonade featuring Cargo jeans

Princess Jasmine is also awesome, and her color is blue (my favorite! yay!) so I had a lot of fun with this one. Jasmine is the one Disney princess who isn't normally pictured wearing a dress; she wears harem pants with a cropped top instead. I played with that by pairing a a top with a banded hem and skinny cargo pants.
Accessory and jewelry-wise, I had lots of fun. The shoes are very fun, but I especially love the headband and large earrings. The makeup I featured is from Nars and Versace. I actually own the eyeshadow featured; it's bright blue and extremely sparkly. I thought the sheer coral gloss would work nicely without clashing.
The tiger plushie is reminiscent of Jasmine's tiger Raja, while the rose ring is inspired by the rose Aladdin/Prince Ali gives her in the movie.

Well, that takes care of this week's Disney special. :)
I won't be posting next week because of my freshman orientation. However, I do have a special treat when I do post in a couple of weeks :) I think you all will like it. Also, if you want to see another Disney character-inspired outfit, or another country, or whatever, please comment and let me know :) I love getting feedback.
If you like these outfits, check out my other work at, search for username bunnylemonade.

See you in a couple of weeks!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student #6: Sleeping Beauty and Returning Stateside

Hello, everyone!  Happy August! :) It's Savannah, enjoying the last few weeks of summer until I start college! I'm so excited about my Freshman year at Lipscomb. It's going to be amazing. Not to worry, I'll be continuing my fashion segments here on Travels of a Book Loving Mom. Lots of Fall/Winter fashion to cover!

But for now, it's back to my regularly scheduled postings.
For this week's Travel-inspired outfits, I decided to stay stateside since I was so focused on Europe for a couple posts. So, without further ado...Chicago and San Francisco!

Nights in the Windy CityFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Nights in the Windy City by bunnylemonade featuring Chanel bags

I really wanted to do a formal set for Chicago, so I went in a glamorous direction for my Windy City-inspired outfit. When I visited Chicago a few years ago, I remember seeing lots of black, especially black coats (it really is a windy city, haha). I decided to go for a monochromatic palette: black dress, black pumps, black jewelry. I tried to pick up some warmth with gold in the jewelry, shimmering nude lip gloss, and a warm brown "smoky eye" eyeshadow palette. And, of course, a fabulous vintage Chanel bag. Now I really want to go to Chicago.

I must be in a Chanel mood lately, because I have another Chanel bag in the San Francisco outfit (for some reason, Polyvore registered the bag as jewelry...the earrings are from Amazon if you're interested). I loved San Francisco. There was something about the way the city was laid out (lots of hills and great shopping!!) that really appealed to me. I tried to capture a laid-back city fashionista vibe with a kimono sleeve top (I LOVE these tops--shirts or dresses that have sleeves directly attached to the bodice without seams--like a Japanese kimono), black skinny jeggings, red Converse, and a bright bow headband. The look came out very nautical. And don't you love the Chinatown inspired bag from Chanel? Finishing off the look is a tube of Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss.

For this week's Disney installment, I went the conventional route and picked a classic Disney princess. This week, it's Sleeping Beauty...but not in a way you'd probably expect. :)

I decided to create a Sleeping Beauty-inspired evening look! :) This look is inspired by an outfit I'm planning to wear very soon (the products are very similar, but definitely not the same!). The outfit consists of a floral tube dress from TopShop (which I LOVE) that could be paired with a dark cardigan in either black or a reddish/wine color, or even a dark forest green. I added deep blue skinny jeans, pink flats, an awesome pink quilted chain-strap bag, a Disney Couture "Sleeping Beauty" ring and earrings guessed it...Chanel. Beauty-wise, I have Vera Wang Princess perfume (I thought it was fitting. It smells really good, too!) and Rimmel mascara. Here's why the mascara: did you know that Sleeping Beauty was modeled and designed by Disney animators after one of Hollywood's most glamorous actresses--Audrey Hepburn? I was so excited when I first heard that. So, as a nod to classic Audrey, I have volumizing mascara to create luscious lashes a la Breakfast at Tiffany's or your favorite Audrey Hepburn film.

Alrighty, that takes care of this week's roundup of outfits!
In closing, I want to ask you, my readers, for your feedback. :) I'd love to hear from you all who read these posts! I'm open to suggestions on new series, outfits, trend watches/focuses, cities for my travel segment, and I can even answer questions about style or fashion in general! Please comment, if you like. I'd appreciate it. :)
If you want to follow me on Polyvore, my username is bunnylemonade. I have many more outfits that I haven't posted on here, so please check it out!

See you next Tuesday!


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"My story," writes Dominique Browning, the editor in chief of House & Garden, "is about the way a house can express loss, and then bereavement, and then, finally, the rebuilding of a life." Around the House and in the Garden is a moving narrative, culled from Browning's much-loved monthly editorial column, about the solace and sense of self that can be found through tending to one's home. From building a high stone wall in the garden to learning that every kitchen deserves a good kitchen couch, Browning reminds us that making a home is more than just a materialistic endeavor -- it is a way for us to comfort and reinvent ourselves, to "have the final word about what goes where...what feels comfortable, what is life enhancing...and gives us strength to go out and embrace the world."