Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Snob

"I don't really trust a person who doesn't read." -Lisa Borgnes Giamonti

One of my favorite blogs in the blogosphere is Lisa Borgnes Giamonti's 'A Bloomsbury Life'.
She was writing about the first thing she does when she visits a persons home is to look at their books. I am the same way. I automatically gravitate to their bookcase. It might be a cookbook in the kitchen or just a book that is sitting on a table. If I don't see a book, I am suspicious and do not feel a connection. I am lost for words. (pun intended) Cold.

You can tell so much about a person by the books he or she reads or by the lack of books.

I feel a warmth in my heart when I see a Bible sitting on a night table. If you want to learn an amazing Story, read the Bible. When I visit a friends home for dinner and look up and see on a shelf Glady Taber, Tasha Tudor or a book about the Cotswolds, I relax a little more. I know I have found a kindred spirit.

The new e-readers are great for travel and are very handy, but I like to share my books, too. You can not share your e-reader like you can an old copy of Elizabeth Goudges The Middle Window or D'Aulares Greek Myths. It's how I discovered so many of my favorite authors. Because of a friend sharing her books, I learned about Elizabeth Prentiss and John Buchan.

Are there others out there who feel the same way? I guess I am a sort of profiler. I can tell a lot about the person by the books he or she reads or doesn't read. Does that make me a book snob? Gladly so.