Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh How I Love That Man of Mine

Wonderful Husband
Wonderful Daddy
Wonderful Friend

I am so blessed and grateful!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Proof of "Cousin Eddie" Sleeping on My Couch

Okay, here's proof that my brother in law, also known as "Uno-who" in comments sleeps on my bonus room sofa.  

Isn't that funny?

There is quite a likeness isn't there?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Country Stars are Everywhere Around Here

This really happened today.

DH's daddy was coming out of the Wal-Green's drug store.  He was driving his pretty red benz convertible.  When he was climbing in his car, a fellow sitting in the passenger side of a Land Rover next to him said, "Nice Car."  Mr. C looked up to see who said that, "Thanks.  Why don't you get you one, we both know you can afford it."  The guy in the Rover laughed out loud.

It was Kenny Chesney.  

Cool, huh? DH's daddy is a hoot!  He'll say anything, anywhere, anytime to anybody.  That's why he has the best stories with country stars.  He's talked to Wynonna in New York, George Jones also on the road, Dunn of Brooks & Dunn at the mall where Mr. C walks, and tons more.

We've sold furniture to Dolly Parton to James Taylor to John Rich (of Big & Rich) to Kid Rock.

John Rich came to pick up his stuff in this old truck and at the pick up area, it died on him and he had to call someone to pick him up.  That's normal!

Saw cute Faith Hill at the post office, with Tim waiting for her in the Suburban.

Savannah and I saw Naomi Judd on Main Street and I told her that DH LOVES her salmon patties I make for him out of her cook book.  She said to me, "Get him to make you the Spaghetti and Meatballs, turn-a-bout is fair play!" Another time my friend was nursing her baby at a restaurants bathroom and Naomi came in and saw Jaynie and went right back out and drug her a chair into the bathroom for her to sit down on.  Wasn't that nice? 

I was at Barnes & Noble looking at the magazines and look at the tall guy next to me.  It was Alan Jackson reading a Hot Rod magazine. 

Country stars and regular stars are everywhere around here.  I guess they like it here because people will leave them alone and just let them live.  They're just regular people like me and you!  

Finally Friday

I am looking forward to the first Presidential debate tonight.  I have cousins that live in Oxford right now and I am sure their little town is buzzing today. Hey Liz! Hey Bev! Hey Aunt Juanita! Hey Lauren!  Oxford is a beautiful town in north Mississippi with tons of history.  When my mom was at Ole Miss, she said she used to see William Faulkner walking to the square every day. Khaki pants, button up shirt. Mom said he was quite the character in town. She even saw Louis Armstrong play TWICE at Ole Miss. Cool, huh.  

We will be listening to the debate on DH's XM radio.  We are driving over and down to Humboldt, Tennessee for a funeral visitation.  A good friends father passed away.  It's about a 2 hour drive each way.  

It will be interesting to see how the candidates do.  I believe that a lot of prayer is needed for this election.  There will probably be many changes coming.  

Anywho, it's a beautiful day today and the breeze is cool.  I am very grateful for my life, loves, faith, family and friends.  Yes, I mean you!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sorry it's been a while since I posted.  Just been one of those weeks that seems like you do and go but not much gets done.

I'm ready to move on to October.  It seems like September remains too warm these days.  I'm ready to pull out the sweaters, boots, tweeds, cardigans, suede and long sleeves.  I am ready for that little nip in the air and to smell the neighbors fire in their chimney.  I'm ready to want soup twice a week and to burn candles that smell like hot cider, cinnamon and cloves.

I love the changing of the leaves too.  Here in Franklin, we have what's called Pumpkinfest on October 25.  They close down Main street, children dress up, decorate little pumpkins (Sydney did this a couple years ago), crafts are sold, real kettle corn, and live music. I have old pictures of Poppy pushing Savannah in a stroller at Pumpkinfest.  It's lots of fun and always seems like the real beginning of Fall. The leaves should be spectacular that weekend.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finishing a Good Book

It's always sad to me when you come to the end of a really great book. The Laughter of the Dead Kings by Elizabeth Peters was one such book.  

It had been approximately twenty-two years since Ms. Peters had written one of her 'Vicky Bliss' books.  Her hugely popular 'Amelia Peabody' series had taken precedence.  

When I heard that a new 'Vicky Bliss' was coming out, I had to find and dig out the previous five in the series to read.  What fun it was to read the books again, catching up with old friends, and reading them with an 'older' mind.  I loved it!

Well, I finished The Laughter of the Dead Kings last week and it was wonderful! I cried when it ended, knowing it was the last book of the series and hating to say goodbye to characters I felt like were my friends.

My friend Jodie read it a week before I did and showed up at my door one day wanting to know if I had finished it.  I have had less time for reading since we have been doing the 'Fishers of Men' classes.  There is a lot of homework.  Anyway, Jodie went home disappointed that we couldn't talk about it yet.  When I did finish it, she was back to my sofa in no time.  We loved talking about the characters and she said she went back and read the ending over again crying also because it was over.

I know some of you will think crying over a book is crazy, but there will be a few of you who know just what I am talking about.  The power of the written word.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

Savannah, Katie and Amy have girls night out

Savannah and her best friends Amy and Katie had a fun girls day and night out.  After school they shopped on Main street in downtown Franklin, shopping and browsing all the fun little shops.  They had supper at Puckett's, known for their Southern cooking and bought a facial mask at 'Bathos' and came home and put that on.  They were so cute. 


 At 6:30, they went back downtown to the beautiful chocolate shop called Xoconochco.  They had fondue with chocolate cake, clementines,  pineapple, kiwi, and bananas with the Dark chocolate.  They seemed to love it!  I hung out on the sofa, had cinnamon hot chocolate with peppermint whipped cream and read my mystery.

They had a blast!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Fearless Streak

We have always been an adventurous family.  People are always struck dumb when they find out I had a motorcycle license at sixteen.  I have had a fearless streak since I was small.

I think I get it from my parents. My dad did many crazy things when he was young and he can tell those stories better than me. He had six brothers and three sisters, so you can imagine. Mom tells me of a time she rode on the back of her cousins motorcycle when she was in her teens and he did over 80 miles per hour with her hanging on. She said it was exhilarating and one of her favorite memories.

When they were first married, they had a little TR-3 convertible sports car that they pulled a boat behind.  On weekends they would go skiing or head to Daytona Beach where they honeymooned.  

Mom and Dad were in a flying club and one of my earliest flying memories was sitting in the back of a plane and looking up and out the window at the blue sky.  

I was a stunt person on my bicycle, standing on the seat and handle bars.  I wrecked tons of bicycles.  My dad was always having to rewrap the curved handles where my brakes were on my ten speed.  We could take our bikes to camp, and one year I came home with my rubber tire hanging off because I slid sideways down a pine needle hill. One time riding my bike to school, I hit a hole, my lunch box flew out, I ran over it, and somehow flipped over my handlebars and landed in the grass.  I remember a car stopping to see if I was okay.  I was, just humiliated.  

Leslie and I rode our bikes everywhere.  School, to the grocery, library, to the pool, wherever with friends. DH flips out when he realizes how much and how far we rode our bikes. We always felt extremely safe in Peachtree City with all the bike paths. I also had a skateboard that I road mostly sitting down on because the hills around us were EXTREMELY steep.  These same steep hills we could sled down in snow, cross major roads (praying no one was coming) and keep on going until you hit the golf course and still keep going down.  It was a really long walk back up those hills to start again, but so much fun!

One Sunday morning before church, in my dress, I got at least 7-9 wasp stings on my arm at one time for climbing up on our metal swing set so I could yell through the tube/tunnel up top.  Les and I used to have conversations through it. Some wasps had taken up residence at this time. Mom said I screamed so loud that she knows all our neighbors had to have heard. I still had to go to church wrapped up in meat tenderizer.

I'm not sure how old we were when mom and dad got motorcycles.  I was behind mom and Les rode behind Dad.  We would take rides that lasted for hours on the back roads.  My rear would be so numb, but it was so much fun!  

So finally when I was too big to ride behind mom, they decided to teach me how to drive moms smaller one.  I rode around and around and around the house.  Les and I were already pros at driving the lawn mower when it was running (and when it wasn't, Les can tell you THAT story). Finally, when I turned sixteen, my parents let me get a license.  They probably knew that a motorcycle was much easier to push out of the driveway and start than the car was.  At least I would be legal. 

I am so thankful for those times and thankful I can tell Savannah about them.  She is a brave little soul too.  (She para-sailed at six tandem with me and DH)  I think she would do more if her daddy let her.  When I was sick and wasn't sure after the 2nd and 3rd time the cancer came back that I would make it much longer, I have been SO thankful for the life I have had with my loved ones and the fun LIVING without fear!

I can't wait for my next adventure!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Have a Weakness For....

Kettle Corn
cozy mysteries
Masterpiece theatre
sticky rice with sugar on top
white sand
flannel sheets
book stores
Savannah, my child
Savannah, the city
cinnamon raisin bread
hot chocolate with marshmallows
comfortable shoes
stone cottages
Monhegan Island
stars in the sky
the color green
Radcliffe Emerson
Hilltop Farm
H W Longfellow
down comforters
old books

Monday, September 15, 2008

On the Bus with Treasure

Last night I got the sweetest email from my friend Treasure in west Tennessee.  Yes, that is her name.  Isn't that a gorgeous name?  Anyway, she said she really enjoyed reading the blog because it brought back memories. Thanks Treasure! You're still as sweet as ever.

Treasure and a group of us from the south side of Atlanta were the kids who made an extremely long trek to a Christian school on the north side of Atlanta.

The summer I was going into 7th grade and Les was going into 10th, we went to church camp and met all these kids who went to Greater Atlanta Christian School.  She thought they were incredibly great. (She really just liked this boy named Ronnie and wanted to continue her summer romance!) And since I did pretty much whatever Les did, I ended up begging to go too. Our new city Peachtree City didn't have a high school yet and Les would have had to go to the public school in the next town over and the junior high I would attend did not have a very good reputation either. So there were also some good reasons mom and dad wanted to send us to have a good Christian education.

Mom and Dad agreed to let us go, and this involved a VERY LONG DRIVE.  We had to get up at 5:30, leave the house a 6:30 and we didn't get home until 4:30 in the afternoon.  In all, it was a 56 mile drive EACH way. School started at 8:30 and we got out at 3:00. The memories of Dad waking us up early each morning are NOT good memories. He had a hard time getting us up.

Treasure and I became fast friends and usually sat next to or in front or back of each other on the bus. When you ride so long with each other twice a day, you really get to know someone.  I made that drive for 4 years until Peachtree City opened a new high school 10 minutes from my house and decided I would finish my last two years there.  Leslie had graduated and I just didn't want to go another year so far without her.  Les did end up being the Homecoming Queen of her class at the school.  (See, Les has always been fabulous) Oh, and she was voted 'Best Lips'.  I have NEVER heard the end of that and am reminded of it frequently by her!  

Treasure is probably the one friend I still keep in touch with from GACS. Thanks for helping to bring back some good memories of riding Mrs. Thigpen's bus Treasure! We had some great times, didn't we? I hope your life is as sweet as you are!! You definitely brought a smile to my heart.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she was writing about some of her favorite foods. So I thought I would mention a few of our favorites.

I think our all-time favorite food we eat is at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No matter how many families are attending Thanksgiving or Christmas together with our family, my mother is ALWAYS asked to make the 'dressing.'  Leslie's sister-in-law (uno-who's sister) has even begged mom to make her an extra 9 x 13 for her to take home for herself.  She did it once, but then too many of us got jealous of the individual attention that mom had to shut that down.  So now she makes tons and we hope there is some left.  It is so delicious!!! And DH usually doesn't like anything with surprises in it, but he loves this AND puts Leslie's giblet gravy on it.  Who would have thought my darling husband would eat giblet gravy?!? But it is all that good.

Leslie has become known for making our Grandmother Nonnie's Divinity.  I capitalized the 'D' because it is Divine.  Our Nonnie made this yummy divinity by hand and it takes a beating.  It took Les a few tries with her Kitchen Aid mixer (beat it to death), and then got it perfectly right.  She gives it away to neighbors, friends and family.  Last year she mailed me some and spent probably twice on the shipping than the ingredients and tin cost themselves.  But it was SO VERY DELICIOUS!!  I was very greedy with it. Forgive me for that and Les, please don't forget me this year!

I asked DH what is his favorite thing I make and he said my pot roast.  Mom taught me how to do that too.  The secret is salt & peppering abundantly, flouring, then searing it first.  That makes it the best.  A good 'ole chuck roast cooked slow is best too.

My Nonnie was also known for her Japanese Fruit cake and chow chow (relish). My Aunt Betty is a fabulous cook too.  She is known for her Soup dinners and always makes the hot spiced punch.  DH's mom Jewel is known for her Banana Pudding and my own DH is known for his Broccoli/Cheese Rice casserole (taken from the 'Taste of Georgia' cookbook that Charlotte gave me over 20 years ago).  Savannah likes to make Fudge tartlets.  And of course, Dad makes Cafe du Monde beignets better than Cafe du Monde.

What are your favorite family recipes?


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pear Preserves Makin' Time

Every year my dad peels, my mom peels pears from their pear trees.  My mom has gotten making pear preserves down to a science. This usually takes an entire week and many sore fingers to do.  I have seen one person eat an entire jar in one sitting. They are that good.

I called mom and dad today and dad answered the phone.  I told him to tell mom to pick up the phone too.  Does anybody else do this?  This saves lots of time and frustration for the both of them.  I can just say what I have to say the one time. It took quite a long time to figure this out, but now it saves tons of time and repetition.  Anyway, I had to wait on mom because she had to rinse her hands because of pear juice on them.  

Oh boy! That meant they were working on the pear preserves.  Dad does tons of peeling and mom does the rest.  It is like pure nectar!  Delicious!! The jars are gorgeous and I have to get mom to save me a bunch of them right off or they will be given away in no time.

Most of my friends, relatives and neighbors have tasted their pear preserves and they also always agree that they are the best they have ever tasted too. 

So, I am excited that the next time I see mom and dad, I shall exchange my clean mason jars for new yummy full jars of golden pear preserves!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Favorite Thing About Kimberly

My friend Kimberly is the definition of a classy and lovely Southern Lady.  If  you looked up the definition in a dictionary, you would find Kimberly's picture there. She is a gorgeous, blue-eyed lady who is also a great friend.  

I have known her for years and she has known DH for even longer.  They sat next to each other in chapel when Lipscomb University was still David Lipscomb College. I was a few rows back.

Before Savannah started high school at our beloved Alma Mater, Kimberly was on the phone setting up a girls get together at her friends pool so Savannah could meet some new friends.  This was before school even started just so Savannah would not feel awkward on her first day at her new school. That's just how she is. She is one of those people who gives and gives to others.

She counts among her friends many, many people.  She has lived in the Nashville area all her life and married her sweetheart from Lipscomb, who also is a Nashville area native. (See Truman's Take on blog list)

She is also well known for the parties she throws.  Her annual Christmas party has been the social event for years for her close friends.  She can set a table like no other.  She has the most beautifully decorated home of all my friends.  Last year she helped plan an incredible night at the new fabulous Schemmerhorn Symphony hall for hundreds and hundreds.  Her taste is impeccable.

Now saying all that, today I spent most of the day with Kimberly.  We went to the Williamson County Women's Republican tea and then to lunch at the yummy Puffy Muffin restaurant. We ended up talking for about two hours. Oh and did I say she brought me a gift AND picked up the check?

Today I learned my favorite thing about my classiest friend.  SHE ALSO PUTS CHIPS IN HER SANDWICH!!!

I thought I was the only one!!  If I eat a sandwich, I have to put chips inside. My eyes were wide and my mouth was hanging open when she said she just HAD to have a 'crunch' to her sandwich! I TOTALLY understand!  I have been doing this for years!  The first and only person I had ever seen do this was my Grandaddy from Mississippi, who is also known as the Finest man who has ever lived on this earth!  I learned it from him.  Everybody always laughs or thinks it is strange when I do this.  If Cheetos are all I have, they go in the sandwich.  

Kimberly's favorite are the scoop tortilla chips in her sandwich. See, I just knew she was Fabulous!!


Fall Is In the Air

Don't you just love the cool wind of Fall blowing in?  I am so ready for it.  We have been blessed with rains this year, so I am not as desperate for it as I was last year. By the time September rolls around and the stores start putting the sweaters, tweeds and boots out, I am ready for Fall.

I love having a fire in the fireplace.  So many people have gas fireplaces now and I even grew up with one, but I have never given in and put one in ours.  I believe it has been the influence of my friends Elaine and Jodie that I love having real wood burn. If it is the slightest bit cool, Elaine or Jodie will have a fire going.  I love that about them.

When the elderly man and his grandson come to deliver the wood, I enjoy having a chat with them.  They are what I call 'salt of the earth' folks. The man has this little dog that sits up in the truck and waits and watches the wood being stacked.  And if I have wood left over from last year, wow, it catches fire quickly and burns great. 

I guess it is the Girl Scout in me.  But I can really build a great fire.  I have shown DH how I set one and he has become a pro too.  He loves it as much as I do. He thinks he is the best fire builder now. There is nothing like the crackling and popping of a fire. I think it helps us unwind and just be.

Harvey and Azalea love to get as close as they can too.  I pull their bed in close and they snuggle up and get toasty. 

I'm ready for Fall.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

There's A Gorilla at the Back Door

Back in the 70's, when Les was getting old enough to babysit me, Mom and Dad would go out to dinner, parties or to friends houses and we would get to stay home.  This was always exciting for us, because every kid loves a taste of freedom and independence, right? We got to choose what we wanted for supper and it was usually something we never got to eat.  My choice was always Spagetti O's in a can.

Well, this night Les said, "Let's see what's on t.v."  We turned on the t.v. and a movie called "The Planet of the Apes" was coming on.  

I don't know how old I was, and Les was only three years older than me, but we sat through that entire movie.  On Eastern time, that would have been from 9pm-11pm, so we were staying up late.

In our family room at home, there are two sets of sliding glass doors.  We are surrounded by woods down that back side.  

Les and I KNEW there was a gorilla at that back door!  We were terrified!

Well, Mom and Dad always left a number we could call in case of emergency. This was before cell phones were out.  The family or restaurant would  have to page the person needed and of course everyone wanted to know if everything was all right and what the emergency was. Kind of embarrassing for Mom and Dad to tell their friends they had to leave because Les KNEW there was a gorilla trying to get in the house.  

Mom and Dad came on home early.  We didn't get in trouble, but Les got a good talking to about what she should let her little sister watch.  Right, like she would watch it by herself...are you kidding?

No more t.v. apes for us and no ape was ever found out back.  All back to normal.

...Until Les went to see 'Amityville Horror' with her boyfriend and she had to crawl in bed with me when she got home and describe EVERY scene to me.

Then the pig with red eyes showed up at the bedroom window.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In Which I Am Excited About the Election

Don't you just LOVE Sarah Palin?!?!!!!

All I can say is WOW!!!!!

"You know what they say about hockey moms...the only difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom is lipstick." -Sarah Palin

You go girl!  Don't mess with a mama!

Don't you just love that!

DH and I were mesmerized! I ooohed, aaaahed, laughed and cried when she spoke last night.

...and didn't you just LOVE her youngest daughter waving like she was a princess, dying to stand up and wave and holding her baby brother and smoothing his hair down with her hand. Adorable!

DH went to get his teeth cleaned this morning and our dental hygienist is a petite, feisty brunette.  DH called her 'Sarah Palin' and he said her face lit up and she danced a jig and she couldn't quit talking about how much she loved her speech last night too. 

I am FINALLY excited about this election!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Sydney and Bridget
Savannah and Nick
Don Pedros' Famous French Toast with homemade bread
Sydney making sombrero hat's for drinks
Savannah checking out the storm waves
Bridget and Sydney watching 'The Sound of Music' after swimming at night
Swimming at night
Poppy, Savannah and DH
My beautiful mom
Harvey in his car seat
Savannah watching the waves come up to the boardwalk
DH making video of waves
Double red flags, no swimming, beach closed