Friday, April 23, 2010

More Bohemian Hotel Photos

DH downloaded his Savannah pictures for me today and sent them to me. I just had to show you more pictures of our room at the 'Bohemian Hotel' in Savannah, Georgia.

There seemed to be a pirate theme running throughout the hotel. Dark woods, lots of velvets, intimate lighting and lots of art.

Our room at the 'Mansion on Forsyth' had some extreme art as did the Bohemian. We were like "Whoa", when we spotted the artwork in our bedroom. You can see a little bit in one of the photos.

The desk was topped with granite and I absolutely LOVED the office chair that resembled snake skin.

The lamp table was a treasure chest.

In the bathroom, the light fixtures were oyster and clam shells. Stunning! Notice the carved ship on the front of the sink area.

My DD Savannah is standing in the restaurant under the huge ball of driftwood that was an amazing piece of art that doubled as a chandelier.

We loved the faux fur throws and wanted to buy one, but they were sold out. I was able to find one similar, if not prettier at DH and I now have one laying on our bed and it feels great and is a nice heavy weight. We love LOTS of heavy covers...Inez thinks we are CRAZY.

Finally, there was the view from our balcony. DH loved watching the tankers come in with all the containers on board. For as big as they were, they were silent. We loved thinking about the journey from countries across the world that they had just arrived from.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

BBC's New Dr. Who

Savannah and I love the BBC's 'Dr. Who'! We were a little anxious about the "new" Doctor Matt Smith, but he won us over last Saturday night with his premiere. Excellent! I will probably miss this upcoming one since I am visiting my parents in Atlanta until Sunday. DH doesn't watch Dr. Who, but he does start yelling "Dawwc-Ta" like he is British when Sav and I watch it...I guess you gotta be there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


From a lovely book, 'Nature Science Through the Seasons' by James Arthur Partridge. MacMillan 1946.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Black Bike

Is this a fabulous bike or what?! Lamp and bell included! I found this bike here. My mother had one very similar to this one when I was small. She had a large basket on the front and there are pictures of me as a baby bundled up and riding in that very basket and she is so gorgeous looking like a young Jackie O in her pedal pushers, sleeveless shirt and red lipstick and black hair.

Too young yet for my 10-speed, but too old to take my green bike with the banana seat, my mom let me take her bike to Summer camp. I was in heaven! I rode that bike everywhere! I loved that bike and mom rode it for years and years with us on many bike rides.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Bohemian Visit to Savannah

We are having a wonderful visit in Savannah, Ga. This year we are staying right on the Savannah river front at the beautiful Bohemian Hotel Savannah. I can not even begin to tell you how original, eclectic and luxurious this hotel is.  DH has enjoyed seeing the massive tanker ships pass by in front of our balcony. He just knows some of his furniture is arriving on one of the gazillion containers that is coming in. He is able to track some of the furniture and exactly when it docks in Savannah's port. Cool, huh?

One treat of the visit is that we were able to see Leslie and Sydney here also. They were enjoying a Girl Scout trip to the Juliet Gordon Lowe house. They stopped by for a visit with us at the hotel. Nick headed to the cottage in Grayton for his Spring Break with Mimi and Poppy. It's scary to even think what Todd (uno who) is doing at home by his self. 

The azalea's are in bloom on Savannah's beautiful squares and the colors are breathtaking.

Of course we visited Savannah College of Art and Designs 'Ex Libris' store for Savannah so she could stock up on her Copic markers for her art and stopped by 'ShopScad' to check out the Jessica Knapp Plushkills and finally 'The Paris Market' brocante on Broughton Street.

Next week I'll have lots more pictures to share of Savannah, Georgia and my Savannah's prom pictures!

Thanks to Inez once again for taking care of the "babies" Harvey and Azalea at home!

I had my dream dinner once again at Garabaldi's restaurant. The diamond scored crispy flounder with the apricot shallot sauce. Yum!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yummy Easter Goodness

Tracy Porter Goodness

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!