Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out with the Cold, In with the Blooms

I know, I has been a while since I blogged. Dear sis called the other night just to ask what was up? I was just taking a little respite...but now I am back! I am soooo happy February has passed and we are closer to Spring! Today we have had sunshine and it is a very welcome visitor.

I have had a bit of Spring fever and have been putting away, clearing out and setting new things out. This is when I like to change the Winter look...blankets on sofas, darker colors, change out art work, brighter pillows, etc.... Today I went ahead and set out a few rabbits and birds since we will be seeing more of them very soon.

We have been busy, busy this Winter with school activities, teaching Bible school, shopping for Prom dresses and have had an extremely busy few months at the furniture store. We are very thankful for all our blessings that have been bestowed upon us. know what it means when it starts warming up? It's time to travel! We will be coming and going quite a bit this year. DH will be working and popping in on the trips when he can get away. I have missed him sooo much with his 14 hour days with only Sunday off....he is ready for a break too.

We have had a very memorable year of snow this year and it has been lots of fun to wake up and see the beauty in creation. But now it's time for rebirth...time for the daffodils, hyacinth and gardens to awaken! It's time to get outside, take a walk, swing on the porch swing, catch up with the neighbors while they are also puttering in the garden and visit with family. Out with the cold, in with the blooms!

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Jo said...

Can't wait for that visit.
Love you so much.