Friday, August 28, 2009

Lyrical Pat Conroy

Mandy had left a comment asking if I had read South of Broad by Pat Conroy yet and did I enjoy it. Yes and yes! I have read every one of Pat Conroy's books and was so excited he had a new one coming out. It has been 14 years since Mr. Conroy has written a novel and this one was worth the wait.

My friend Jean from church, a retired librarian, was reading it the same time I was and we had a hard time hushing up when our Bible study started because we were too busy comparing notes and finding out where the other was in the book, what was happening at the time and the crazy emotions we were feeling. Jean believes Mr. Conroy is definitely going to be remembered as one of the great American writers of this century. My mother even remembers his newspaper columns when he began writing for the Atlanta Journal/Constitution probably 40 years ago.

Mr. Conroy's writing style is a beautiful, lyrical prose that sings to you every sentence. You will remember his characters the rest of your life, every dysfunctional thing that can happen, will inevitably happen to one of his characters some time, but you will cheer them on regardless.

So yes Mandy, this would be an excellent book to take with you to the beach in a few weeks. You will be unable to put it down.

...and Mr. Conroy, please don't make us wait so long until your next book!


Mandy said...

Oooh, I can't wait to open it then! Thanks for letting me know you loved it!!!

Uno Who said...

What's lyrical mean?

Uno Who said...

Does it mean "wordy"?

Uno Who said...

Is this thing on?