Monday, August 24, 2009

North and South

I think Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South ranks right up there with Austen's Pride and Prejudice. What a wonderful Victorian period piece of film!


The McCullough's said...

I agree!

Lesley Austin said...

I, too, think this production was excellent! So engrossing and difficult and full of character. And one of the best kisses on film, don't you think?

It was lovely to catch up with you a little bit here today, Julie.

sarah haliwell said...

I am amazed. I found your weblog through The Bower and came over to visit - and found this recent mention of North and South. It is perhaps the fourth or fifth I have seen during my random blog-visiting this week. And that's especially uncanny because I watched the dvd for the first time myself last weekend.

I agree with you. It was a wonderful film. And Lesley is right - best kiss ever!

sarah haliwell said...

By the way, you have a lovely weblog! :-)