Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Parisian Pets

My precious Harvard

Paris Breakfasts write-up in Metro Pets

Precious sketches of Azalea and Harvard

Carol Gillot is a talented artists and blogger on Paris Breakfasts. I commissioned her to paint my miniature schnauzers Harvard at the Eiffel tower and Azalea at Laduree (I've got to take a picture of this one, I had gotten these from Carol's blog...Azalea is adorable too). She did an incredible job! I sent her photos of my little munchkins and she sent the cute little draft sketch, I okayed it and she went from there. When I get them framed, I'll show you the finished products on the wall. I am pleased as punch with them! So now even though they were unable to go with us to France this past summer, they have their own photos to go along with ours!

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