Sunday, May 2, 2010

Franklin Flooding

We are land way in, no way out. It has been an interesting few days. Thank heavens our home is up on a slight rise. The creeks are like rivers and the rivers are over the roads, interstates and into peoples homes. The water has come across our main road and blocked us in. Church and school has been cancelled and there is a curfew for Franklin, 6pm-6am, so people won't be stupid....but there are always people who think they are invincible...we are not!

Anywho, we are safe and sound, have plenty of food and will probably bring out the games tonight. We are fine, but please keep others in your prayers who are really having a hard time with flooding.


Mandy said...

Oh.My.Goodness....I text you today, did you get it? When I saw the news and all the flooding in Nashville and especially Franklin, I got worried about you guys. I'm glad you're safe and sound! Is the furniture store ok? I hope so!! Play some Mexican Train for me - and BEAT DH!!! Love y'all!

Jo said...

Thanks for all the pics. Makes
us more certain of who is in control . RIGHT? Love ya,Mom.

Uno Who said...

I've seen worse.