Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain and Reading

We are pretty much back to normal around here. This morning when we awoke, we were so happy to see the newspaper in the driveway! That meant that the waters had receded and we could probably get out of our neighborhood. So many things on the opposite side of the road than they should be on, debris and mud. Please keep those in need in your prayers. It's all so hard to believe it can and actually did happen. Today all I did was play catch-up, running errands and grocery shopping.

I actually feel like we had a little mini vacation from Saturday night until this morning. Barring having to get into the closet because of tornado warnings, I got to do a lot of reading and I cleaned out my closet! After having to spend so much time in it, I realized it really needed cleaning out. I pulled out my winter clothes to get ready for Spring and Summer and realized I definitely have more Winter things...or maybe they are just thicker and heavier. I think I have a thing for coats and jackets. (Mandy-I know you do too!! Love it!!) My closet is pretty bare. DH is just happy he can walk in there (and sit now) and that there is not stuff hanging on his side.

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Mandy said...

Yes, I do love my coats!!! I made myself a promise (to myself) that I wouldn't buy one last year....I don't know if I can do it again this year. Although it's now fun to buy coats for E and N! I'm glad you got your closet cleaned out - that is quite an accomplishment. I'm thankful you guys didn't have any damage and am still hoping and praying for all that did.