Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student #4: Trend Spotting in Scotland and London

Hello, everyone! It's Savannah, back after a wonderful day sightseeing in London! :D My apologies for being so late and missing a week; I spent the day flying overseas.

Due to the fact that my fashion-server-thingymajig Polyvore hasn't been behaving itself since we've been in  London, I won't be able to present any outfits this week relevant to travel or a new Disney character. However, since I am in Europe, I've been trend spotting in the cities I've visited. :) So, specially for the next two weeks, I will be mainly focused on the trends that I've found in London and Scotland.

Scottish Trends

  • Dark colors run rampant on streets, but they're done very tastefully, along with a mostly neutral palette.
  • People generally wore warmer clothes in Scotland, mainly due to the weather conditions there.
  • Of course, Plaid is the most popular print (especially in clan tartans), but I did see some floral designs in darker colors.
  • Leggings were popular in dark colors

English Trends
  • Londoners wear whatever they want in any style, shape, and color. I've seen everything from basic jeans and tees to dresses and leggings to anything that looks put together.
  • The general uniform in London is jeans or leggings; a dress, tunic, or t-shirt; flats.
  • Speaking of flats, not many in London wear heels. (I wouldn't want to wear heels walking on cobblestones) Instead, they wear ballet flats, tennis shoes (or trainers in the UK), and Converse Chucks in every single color imaginable. If they do wear heels, they are usually thick stacked or wedge heels with an ankle strap.
  • I've seen LOTS of ditsy florals and floral lace, mainly in tights. Lace and florals are big right now in Spring/Summer, and I have a feeling that those will be carried over to Fall/Winter somehow.
  • Leggings are definitely in. They are worn usually with dresses and skirts.
  • Skinny jeans are also in, worn, again, with dresses and skirts (like leggings/jeggings).
Alright, I think I've covered everything! :D If I missed anything, I'll do a big entry next week recapping anything extra from London. Next Tuesday, I'll be covering trends in Paris, different outfits covering all of these trends, some Disney magic, and maybe some surprises. ;)

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See you next Tuesday!


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