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Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student #5: Special Travel Issue-Trend Spotting in Paris and Trend Focus on Europe!

Hello, everyone! :) It's Savannah. A couple days ago, I returned home from the trip of a lifetime. Scotland, England, and Paris were all amazing! I had so much fun spending time with my family as well as meeting new friends in my tour group. What a great highlight of my summer before college.

Last week, I did a special post on trend spotting in London and Scotland, a result of people watching and keeping tabs on street style in the UK. In this week's post, I'll continue my trend report by giving you all the lowdown on what's going down in Paris. Then, I'm going to break down outfits showcasing trends I saw.

But first...
Today is my best friend Katie's 19th birthday!! :D
Katie has been my bestie since freshman year of high school. We literally have everything in common, from our girly tastes to our love of good food and great scented candles and other wonderful things. She's practically a sister to me.
Love you, dear! <3
Well, she knows about my fashion obsession (and pretty much everything else), and she asked (well, "challenged," to be exact) me to make her a birthday set. I said yes, only on the condition that she wait until her birthday to see it. Well, here it is!

Dedicated to my bestest friend ever <3 (Happy Birthdayyy!)Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Dedicated to my bestest friend ever <3 (Happy Birthdayyy!) by bunnylemonade featuring Coach bags

Katie LOVES pink. Our dorm room is pink and blue (plus a myriad of colors and girly goodness), and she claimed pink as her signature color in our dorm. So, I incorporated tons of pink in her outfit. She's a Southern gal at heart, so I appealed to that part of her personality with a plaid shirt and laid-back flared jeans. I added her birthstone in the outfit (the rings--she LOVES rings), along with all kinds of beauty products. So, yeah! That's my bestie's special outfit.

On to Parisian trends. Everyone in Paris wears lots of different things, so it was hard to pick out specific trends, but I found lots of neat things that they liked and some things that surprised me.
Here's what I saw:

  • "Parisian" style is often described monochrome--all black. However, I saw lots of color during my three days in the city. In particular, I did see black and pink, as well as black and red, along with lots of white.
  • Everyone keeps it simple. I saw minimal jewelry--one piece was usually the most that people would wear.
  • As in London, I saw lots of flats. However, I saw fewer sneakers and more ballet-flat style shoes.
  • Perfume, as you may have guessed, is a big thing in Paris. Musky, floral, and rich scents are in fashion at the moment--I noticed very few fruity notes.
Now, here are three special outfits I made on Polyvore showcasing the trends I found.

I modeled my Scotland Trends outfit after what I wore to the British Open in St. Andrews. I mimicked (or at least tried to mimic) their style when I went to the golf tournament.
Comfort and warmth are important when traveling to Scotland in the summertime. Since it's up North, they experience lots of rain and mist, especially in the highland region, along with gale force breezes at times (When we were at the tournament, they had to suspend play due to strong winds).
As I mentioned before, darker colors are big right now in Scotland. I played up that trend by pairing a dark sweater with purple Converse and dark skinny jeans. I added a brimmed hat for protection against cold winds. To tie the look together, I brought a black leather backpack and shiny, dangling earrings with black crystals.

Stars Over LondonFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Stars Over London by bunnylemonade featuring Steve Madden shoes

One thing that I forgot to mention in my London trend-spotting segment was that I really enjoyed the Dolman-sleeved tops that fashionable ladies wore. They look so comfortable and effortless when paired with jeans or a simple skirt. I coupled a teal Dolman tunic with a black bandage skirt.
In keeping with the ditsy florals trend, I found and used a pair of black tights with floral lace. I'm pretty sure I saw those exact tights on the street. Flats, popular in London right now, complete the clothing portion of the outfit.
Jewelry and accessory-wise, Londoners love the things that tie their outfits together in just the right way. I incorporated some fun tassel earrings, a beaded bracelet, and a clutch with glittery studded rhinestone writing, all in black.
Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore are present :) I had to include them in my London segment. Who doesn't love classic Disney? (you probably guessed that I do already, ha)

Lovely ParisFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Lovely Paris by bunnylemonade featuring Chanel bags

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Parisians keep things simple when it comes to clothing. I paired a basic tee with a flouncy floral skirt, and added some taupe boots to evoke a sweet, feminine, city feel. To keep the outfit uncluttered, I just used a headband, a necklace (it even says "oui"), and a vintage Chanel bag that I absolutely fell in love with.

Well, that concludes my special European segments! I really hope you enjoyed this special post and the one before (I'm glad that my internet connection is letting me use Polyvore again!).
If you liked these outfits, check out any of my earlier posts on Travels of a Book Loving Mom, or go to Polyvore.com and look up the username bunnylemonade. I have lots of travel-related outfits, along with some more fun and fashionable sets.

Au revoir until next Tuesday! <3


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