Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 More Days Until Christmas Day!

Lots of wrapping, taping, snipping and packing going on here. Sav is finishing up exams and is getting anxious for Christmas to be here. We are ready to get on the road and get to the beach and just "veg". The ocean is calling to me and I tend to have withdrawals if too much time passes.

DH will be traveling back and forth and we will take advantage of the time he is with us. He has his favorite places to go and eat and we have our favorite places that he doesn't like that we will go to while he is away.

The only snafu is that poor Dad has pneumonia in Georgia and Mimi is trying her hardest not to catch it. He is on a super-antibiotic now, goes back to the Doctor on Thursday for a check-up and hopes he will get the okay to head to the sunshine state. I have been checking on them daily and preaching to them what he needs to do to get well. I am sure they are getting it from both and Les. Mom was very worried at first and that is what scared me. She is usually a pretty cool cucumber, so he probably was in bad shape. I am so thankful for the correct medicines!

Loving the Christmas season!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking on us so closely. We are doing better,
though Dad will be feeling the
results for Quite a while I'm
afraid. Surely hope for sunshine
in Florida. Love, Mom.

Jo said...

Crazy, isn't it?