Monday, December 28, 2009

A Day at the Sea

We have a house full tonight. Leslie and Sydney have come down for a few days and we are looking forward to some great shopping and sales.

DH has escaped back to Tennessee for a while and poor Dad is here in the cottage with 5 women. His escape is to watch old movies in the bedroom. Today it was Robert Redford in 'Jeremiah Johnson'.

The day was sunny and cold but the sea was wild and beautiful. We watched one kyak/canoe that had flipped its occupants as they waded to shore in their soaked pants and down jackets. We felt sorry for their walk back to where they came from, but their voices still held laughter.

Dad made two huge batches of his Chex mix with extra seasonings today and Sav, Mom and I made our traditional trek down to Rosemary Beach to the quaint Patchouli's. Picked up some lovely scented whipped shea butter for dry spots and Savannah had a scent mixed. Her tea and strawberry. It actually smelled really fresh and nice.

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