Monday, December 7, 2009

A Monteagle Christmas

Saturday night six couples headed south-east to the Tennessee/Georgia mountain border for some incredible company and great food. It took us about an hour and a half to get there, but the drive was well worth it. High Point is located in a beautiful stone mansion that once belonged to Al Capone's mistress on the top of Monteagle mountain. It was the half point between Capone's run from Chicago to Florida. The new owners were so friendly and the food was delicious! Lots of Suwanee/University of the South parents keep it filled with reservations.

A great time was had by the Beaty, Dycus, Harris, Erickson, Bean and Cottrell families. The crowning star of the evening was the beautiful snow on the ground to make it really feel like Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

High Point Restaurant Monteagle, TN

The Festive Friends
Lots of football talk

Kate, Julie, Kimberly and Melissa


Jo said...

What beautiful people!enscitio

Jo said...

Did it again.

Uno Who said...

Are you speaking Eyetalian Mimi?

Susan Gregg Gilmore said...

Loved hearing about this restaurant -- thanks!