Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Book Wish

Windle, John and Karma Pippin.

First edition. This is the definitive bibliography of one of the most influential figures in the annals of 19th-century book collecting. Dibdin was the self-proclaimed "father of bibliomania" and founder of the legendary Roxburghe Club. With his great love for books, he visited and studied the foremost collections in Great Britain and Europe. Dibdin's writings give today's collectors a unique window into early 19th-century collecting. Dibdin's books have appealed to many of the greatest of English and American collectors, especially inspiring the giants of 19th-century collecting to high levels of enthusiasm for early books and manuscripts. If it were not for this interest, many of these works would not have been saved and preserved, and the world of book collecting would certainly be different today. The most lavish of Dibdin's works, THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DECAMERON, marked the "highwater mark of Dibdin bibliomania," stated William A. Jackson, author of THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN, AN ANNOTATED LIST. However, one of Dibdin's most extraordinary achievements may have been THE LIBRARY COMPANION as "history's most voluminous exponent of footnote-authorship as a literary genre in itself," as described by Renato Rabaiotti in HORAE BIBLIOGRAPHICAE CANTABRIGIENSES. Today, this work is still endearing to Dibdin's devotees for its irrepressible flow of idiosyncratic and obscure anecdotes - that is, at least for those who are not bothered by Dibdin's bibliographical inaccuracies. And yet, these inaccuracies have become irrelevant for many 20th-century collectors in the desire to collect Dibdin's works. A growing interest in books by Dibdin has reached levels where collectors need to know if copies under consideration are complete. This new bibliography will inspire new collectors to begin collecting, intermediate collectors to improve their holdings, and advanced collectors, librarians, and book specialists to review and expand their collections as they will feel necessary. $85.00

The "Father of Bibiomania" with the greatest name...Thomas Frognall Dibdin. Don't you love it?! He is someone I would have LOVED to sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat with!

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