Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lip Therapy

I love Carmex lip balm. You know how I am with perfumes. Well, Carmex is like the ultimate lip perfume. I love, love, love the smell of Carmex. I have been buying and using Carmex for as long as I have been getting an allowance. Years ago it was just under a dollar and now it is just over a dollar. There is that thrill when you are at the check out counter at the drugstore and you spot it for sale next to the cash register. Am I running low?  The packaging has changed slightly. It used to come in the same round container but it was a ceramic or pottery/glass. It had a nice weight to it. Perfect for launching at unwanted attentions. You could always find it at the bottom of your purse when you gave it a good shake. Today the container is a lighter plastic but has the same yellow vaseline like balm, waiting for that ring finger to go round and round and round.

Carmex was always something that all my girlfriends carried. Before a Southern girl graduated to the lovely red lipstick of a Southern lady, Carmex was practice. Lip smackers was first, graduate to Carmex and then Revlon's 'Cherries in the Snow'.

I keep a Carmex in my bed side table drawer. I find the bright yellow container quickly, untwist the top, inhale, swirl and "apply freely" as the lid directs. Aaaah!


Uno Who said...

You need to take a trip.

Julie said...


Uno Who said...

I should write a blog: Ode to a tube of Chapstick.