Monday, January 11, 2010

Treasuring the Little Things

Every night before bed I fix Savannah's lunch for the next day. I have fixed her lunch every day almost six years straight. Sometimes when I am putting the mayonnaise on the bread or putting her grapes in a baggie,
I think of my mother doing the same thing for me all those years ago.

In high school my mom made my lunch for me every day too. Was she thinking the same thing as I am? Was she thinking of my future just like I think of Savannah's? All these years later, I now know of all the love, prayers and thoughts that went into making those lunches. She would pick out the yummiest rolls or bread to put my sandwich meat on. I always knew there was something special in that bag.  Most of the time it was just good food, but sometimes she would tuck in a note. A few times my lunch was stolen out of my locker and my mom ended up buying me lunch bags with my name printed in green (my favorite color) all over the sacks.

Little things mean a lot. I know that I was treasured and I felt it. I hope Savannah will look back and feel treasured too. I am going to miss making those lunches.


Anonymous said...

I love you so very much. Mom.

Leslie said...

I loved getting those notes. Wasn't mom great?

Leslie said...

hey approve me on your blog

Jo said...

Those were wonderful days
and I love you for remember-
ing them. Love you, Mom

Jo said...

mI love you.