Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oil and Ocean Do Not Mix

Right now the water and beaches are as lovely as a perfect Summer day. But people are nervous, scared, mad and worried about what is to come. Oil. Oil that should be in a tank somewhere or in an oil derrick out in the middle of Texas. Not in the ocean or on beautiful white sand in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here in Grayton Beach they are trying to prepare for the worst. The oil is on the beach about 1 hour west of here in Pensacola. Dump trucks are bringing white sand down to fill in the wash-out between the lake/marsh and the ocean. Normally, children would be playing in the wash-out. It is a beautiful link of water where the children can play near the ocean but the mommy's have no worries of them getting too deep into the water or pushed down by a wave.

Every blessing we bow our heads to God now includes a plea for the oil to be contained and for the wildlife.

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