Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student #2: Art, Alice in Wonderland, and Dreaming of Travel

Hey, Everybody! I'm back! :D For my new readers, I'm Savannah, Julie of Travels of a Book Loving Mom's daughter and recent high school grad/college freshman/art student. I do guest posts titled "Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student" every Tuesday that divulge into one of my favorite things: fashion.

My first outfit is dedicated to my Mom, for being so amazing and being the best Mom anyone could ever ask for. "This is my dream outfit," she said to me when I showed the finished product to her. I love you, Mom!

Now, as part of my guest blogging on Travels of a Book Loving Mom, I'm going to show you outfits based on travel and different countries I have been to/would like to visit. London and Paris kicked off the series. This week: Milan and Cairo!

Milan is an exciting city. One, it's a fashion capital (when I looked up Milan on Polyvore, the majority of the accent pictures were of their Fashion Week shows). Two, it's in Italy, which means it's guaranteed to have amazing scenery.
I love dresses in general, and loved the detailing in the black and pink strapless frock. I added black, mostly neutral pieces to compliment the dress and make it more high-fashion (I love the shoes!!!), save the rose hair clip and Betsey Johnson coffee mug earrings to keep the look sweet. The cathedral in the background is in Milan, but I forgot it's name. Tying to the rose theme is a sweet poem by Robert Burns.

For a while now, I've had the dream of the possibility of traveling to Egypt and Jerusalem next year or later. If and when I go there, I wonder what kinds of clothes I'll see. I'm sure there are some fashionistas in Cairo, so I created an Egypt-inspired outfit for traveling to or sightseeing in Egypt. I chose mostly warm colors and neutrals for this look. Again, I included Betsey Johnson earrings to spice up the look and make it fun. Orange lips keep things interesting, as well as the gladiator-inspired heels and tan sunglasses.

The next two posts have nothing to do with travel, but I think I'm going to begin another mini series while my travel posts go on.

I LOVE Disney, especially Disney princesses and the classic Disney movies. In this mini series, which will be one post per week, I'll do fashion based on Disney princesses or other Disney characters. This week, it's Alice in Wonderland.

I loved the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the artsiness of the scenery and costume designs as well as the story and its characters. Although Alice isn't technically a Disney "princess," she's a major part of the Disney lineup of classic movies.
For starters, the whole outfit is primarily blue and gold, with the Victorian touch of lace in the wedge boots. The nail polish is amazing in person; it contains large flecks of blue and gold glitter. I incorporated the bunnies and watch--a tribute to the White Rabbit--in the outfit's jewelry.

"Confessions of an Art Student <3" has nothing to do with Disney or travel, but it's just a piece I made to represent who I am here and now. I'll be doing outfit posts of these as well.
I own the jeans, bunny ring, and shoes. Other than that, this outfit is basically a collage of everything bright, colorful, fun, and everything else that reflects my personality. I love headbands, bright neon colors, and anything romantic. I am also a Christian, first and foremost, so I posted a faith quote in the collage also. Of course I love art in general and word art, so that went in, too (I love the ninja, isn't he cute?), as well as random art supplies.

Well, that takes care of my post for this week :) Catch me every Tuesday on Travels of a Book Loving Mom AND check me out on Polyvore, username: bunnylemonade. I have even more outfits now, so please check it out!


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