Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Witty Dialogue of a Fashion Conscious College Student #1: Savannah's Blogging Debut

Hi, everyone! My name is Savannah, and I'm Julie of Travels of a Book Loving Mom's daughter! This is my blogging debut, and I'm very excited to be guest blogging for my mom!
The reason I'm blogging here is to show off my love of fashion. I love fashion blogs and hope to have one of my own someday. I also love to draw and am very excited to be majoring in Studio Art at Lipscomb University!
Fashion is a fun pastime and hobby for me, and a great outlet for me to show that off is by the amazing website polyvore.com. I'm going to show you all my first four looks that I've done!

This is one of my "Things.I.Love" posts, and my first on Polyvore! I admit, it's kind of all over the place, but it literally is a post of things I love in shades of pink, purple, and gold/yellow.
I LOVE LOVE shoes and heels in general (hence the earrings that match almost perfectly), and I love cutesy word art. I love tights, and I wore tights a lot in high school, where I was required to wear uniforms. I love tights and leggings in general because they can add so much to an outfit and definitely work for dresses and skirts that are shorter than you'd like. I actually own the bunny ring; I have a weakness for anything bunny-related, hence my username on Polyvore, bunnylemonade. I love lemonade, too, along with anything sparkly, hence the glitter.
Also, the lipstick is a big part of my style. Back in my junior and senior years of high school, I had to come up with creative ways to spice up my uniform. Lipstick was a great way to do so. In high school I wore shades of fuchsia, highlighter pink, red, and plum. I love lipstick because it too adds a pop of color that's surprisingly polished with, say, the classic LBD (little black dress).
If you look on the web page that this is on, I embedded some Miley Cyrus music that you can listen to if you visit.

Like most people my age, I LOVE Twilight! These days, I can't decide if I like Edward or Jacob better, to be honest. I love Edward in the books, and I love Taylor Lautner...So I'll be Team Jakeward. For now. :)
The dress is from H&M. I think y'all who read up in NYC and other cities that have H&M's are so lucky! I went to one of the H&M's in NYC and LOVED it. They have amazing basics and precious clothes. Polyvore happened to have a great selection of H&M clothes to choose from for making custom spreads, and I chose this green dress. I don't like the fact that Twilight is often associated with the colors black and red and that's it, so I picked out a flowy green dress that I could see Bella wearing in the movies. I love it because it's both feminine and kind of edgy, reminiscent of the series itself. I chose black Charlotte Russe pumps to match and balance the outfit, keeping things neutral.
Everything else is just Twilight memorabilia. The ring is based on Bella's engagement ring from the series. I couldn't find the charm bracelet, so I settled with the Cullen crest in honor of Edward, her true love. I LOVE Bath and Body Works' Twilight Woods scent, as well as makeup in general, as you probably figured out. Twilight Beauty is a brand distributed by Nordstrom that has Twilight-inspired makeup. I featured the "Team Edward" palette (solely because of Bella's relationship with Edward), and the body mist whose name I can't recall. Google Twilight Beauty if you like the products!

"I <3 Paris" is a post dedicated to one of my all-time favorite cities--Paris! Like my mom, I LOVE to travel and see new things. One thing I pay attention to is fashion and the trends they carry off. I try to bring that back to the States as best I can, with my own twist.
Once again, I have bright red lips to match a purse I fell in love with. I picked out an LBD and precious black shoes, but my favorite item HAS to be the camera earrings from Betsey Johnson. They're very chic and totally spice up the outfit. If I could, I would wear this to a party at the base of the Eiffel Tower at night, enjoying the stars and Paris lights.

London is also one of my favorite cities. I love its charm and, of course, their fashion. Some of their trends were fearless (one trend of Summer 2008 was black or denim shorts and tights, I believe), yet chic (headbands! headbands! headbands! I'm in love!). I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for Fall/Winter 2010!
I don't know if I'm hitting any key trends, but these pieces reminded me of London somehow. I picked pieces specifically from H&M and Topshop, two popular stores of the UK (and the states!). Don't you love the massive bow headband? It actually is a key trend (so yay!), and I'd love to try it sometime. I'd wear this to go shopping in London, probably.

Well, that takes care of my first post on my mom's blog! If you liked these (more to come!), check me out on Polyvore, username bunnylemonade. I can't wait to post again!



Mindy said...

I want #2.

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#3 is mine!

Leslie said...

Love them!! You are sooo talented precious neice!!
Love you!

Jo said...

What a great, great job.Are you professional, or what?
So proud of you. Much love.