Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello June!!!

      Bonjour Juin!!!

We are busy, busy, busy around here! I have zipped my suitcase closed because I cannot fit another thing in it! Of course I have too many things packed and may pull some things out when I get to Florida and let mom look through it. She'll have some idea of what I need and what I do not.

Savannah has had a fun day with her friends working a charity golf tournament. They spent the night together and Muffy said they were quite loud and up pretty late. Teenagers....  It was hot with it hitting 93 degrees at the hottest part of the day. But they are young and ignore such things when they are together having fun. She came home this afternoon happy and said she was "glistening." That's my 'Southern' girl! Never sweat, just glisten!

Tonight is VBS and I will be "tribe" leader for the 6th graders, mostly sweet boys I think...

This past week we drove two hours with DH's parents to have a yummy dinner and spent some great time together, ran into Clare and Elaine here in town and it was sooo good to see them and tomorrow I'll have breakfast with Jodie. She has new Grandmother and baby pictures to show me since she has been in Florida for the past two weeks helping her son and his wife with the baby. Precious and exhausting!!

I will do my best to blog wherever I am! 
xoxo -Julie

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Mandy said...

Hope your trip to the cottage goes well tomorrow. What time do you and Savannah land in ATL? Do you come in Sat or Sun? We get in right before 1pm Sunday....see you then! Oh, just read the June Southern Living - did you see it? There was an article about someone's dream cottage in Grayton... made me think of your parent's lovely cottage and about how peaceful it is there. Have fun!