Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Roar of the Ocean and Calm of Being at the Sea

The ocean was roaring this morning after an evening of rain and wind. The waves were crashing and the red flag was out warning of riptide. But oh what a beautiful picture it makes! People were still out lounging and reading books, flying kites and getting their feet wet in the surf. The children are all playing in the 'wash out', which is the water connection between the lake and the gulf that is the calm area to play in. Mothers are able to sit back and not worry about their little one getting knocked down by a big wave.

With the breeze, it does not feel like June here...not hot at all. But you can forget having a hair-do, as we say in the southern states. The humidity and wind will whip it up into a frizzy before you know it!

I love seeing all the sandals and shoes at the end of the walk way before you step onto the beach. There is still trust here. When you leave your shoes, you trust that they will still be there when you come back. Shoes and sandals of every kind....big feet and little bitty feet leave their shoes here in the joy of taking that first step onto the soft white sand.

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