Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oyster Burn

Have been meaning to blog, but have been itchy, itchy, itchy! We went out to a new restaurant and I had some of the best oysters I have EVER eaten. Well....I am paying for it! I knew I was allergic to shellfish, so I only eat shrimp occasionally. But oysters? I-YI-YI! I am a huge walking rash! No sunburn, but an oyster burn!

It has been hot, hot, hot down here! We have finally had a much needed rain today. We have all been able to catch up on our reading and just enjoy being together.

Here's a little ditty I have written in honor of those oysters:

"There once was a girl from the city,
who had oysters a plenty.
She turned all red and itched from her toe
to her head,
and said, 'Even though they were delicious, I have been very
foolishcious, and I will never eat them again!' " jc


Leslie said...

I'm sorry those oysters
gave you a rash.
You always eat things that ride that fine line,
but it always seems worth it, doesn't it, at the time?
Be careful next time, and think it through in your head, because it isn't worth eating if it makes you turn RED?
HA! Miss you!

Julie said...

Oh my! Hope you stop itching soon! Hot here too. Ready for a little rain. Take care.

dgayle said...

Love the poem! But hate that you are paying a price to pen a poem!!