Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home from Clare's

I'm home! I am so glad to be home with my sweet family!  I think I have been gone most of June. Both trips were incredible and I wouldn't change a thing, but I am sure tired and very glad to be on home soil.

We left Clare's this morning early, flying out of Manchester, New Hampshire, stopped through Newark, New Jersey and arrived in Nashville about a hour and half late.

Last night Clare and Elaine grilled hamburgers and grilled veggies for us and they were delicious! After we got in from lunch at 'Pickety Place' in Mason, New Hampshire, we got busy cleaning things up for Clare inside and out. Cleaning the house up so she could relax when we got out of their hair and weeding her sweet garden outside.  These are my 'forever' friends who are the best friends a person could ever have!  We will do ANYTHING for each other.

I can't wait to load my pictures and share some very soon.  I have so many to show!  We went non-stop to some really great places.

It was so good to get those hugs from DH (dearest husband) and Sav.  They both wore favorite shirts to the airport. (Green on Sav because it's my favorite color and aqua polo on DH because it matches his gorgeous eyes)  Harvey and Azalea were happy I came home too.  Harvey was a little upset at first with me, but he has forgiven me and been in my lap for a while.  

All is well and I am so thankful!!

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