Sunday, June 22, 2008

To Clare's House We Go

Presently I am blogging from my dear friend Clare's laptop.  She was kind enough to let me blog here in Massachusetts for all my readers.  Jodie, Elaine (Clare's mom), Debbie and I arrived yesterday and already we have had such a wonderful time!

Clare had a delicious Greek dip waiting on us, followed by boiled shrimp and then homemade lasagna for supper.  She is a wonderful cook like her mom! Our bedrooms awaited us with fresh flowers, a lavender bundle on our pillows, bottled water, chocolates and every kind of reading material we could want. We slept with our windows up and felt the cool New England breeze throughout the night.

Today we took the subway into Boston to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum.  It is unlike any museum I have ever been to.  It is housed in an Italian villa and it was stipulated in her will to leave everything just like she left it when she passed.  So we wandered past Degas, Matisse, Rembrandt, Sargent, Fra Angelico and the list goes on and on...and viewed them like we were visiting her home.  Fabulous!!!

Tomorrow morning we depart here at 4:45 am for the Monhegan Island ferry that departs around 8:30.  So a bit of a drive is expected.  Another adventure awaits.  Must run for now, I hear the sound track for 'Pride and Prejudice' playing in the kitchen.  What joy to be with kindred spirits!!!

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