Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meetings and Goodbyes

Yesterday DH drove Savannah and I to Georgia. Seven of us were at church last night and we discussed where we would meet before we head up to Hartsfield airport. Carl will drop Carolyn and Cindy here at mom and dad's house at 9:40, and they will drive us all over to Charlotte's to meet up with everyone else at 10:00 so we can all be together at check-in. Hopefully all 6 of us and 4 big suitcases will fit in mom's trunk. The fun begins!!

I was up at 5:20 this morning to run up to the grocery to get some snacks and fruit to take. Things are ridiculously expensive over there, and Charlotte said last night that she was taking a lot of snacks. So, I now have apples, nectarines, peanut butter crackers, nutty butty bars, protein bars....and also more weight to carry. Oh, and on the menu for our first dinner is Indian food! You should have seen the look on Cleo's face! Classic! She planned on vegetarian all week. Savannah clapped her hands with joy! I imagine they have vegetarian Indian food. We are going to expand our horizons on this trip!!

DH headed back to Tennessee a little while ago and it was a little hard to say goodbye. He has a pretty busy schedule with work and sports activities. Two softball games tonight, golf with Chris, Ryan and Brian at Forrest Crossings tomorrow and then next week he will come back down here to get the dogs. He will go into work every day like usual too. So hopefully he will be busy enough for the time to pass quickly.

Dad is weighing our suitcases to see if we are under limit. Me-46 pounds, Savannah-35 pounds...I am cutting it close. If it was a 70 lb weight limit, I would probably have 68 lbs..

I hope I will find a place to blog while over there, but if not, DH said he would try to post pictures that we send via phone.

Love to all!

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