Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blue Wit Jay

I just received a Christmas card from my brother-in-law Jay and found out he has his own blog now.  He probably told DH some time and DH forgot to tell me...that's usually how it goes around here.  DH tells me what I already told him!

Jay is DH's partner in business at the furniture store. 

I need to get him to explain to me the meaning behind the name blue wit. I'm sure it has a good one.  Jay is very talented and the very best of Uncles.  He lived with us in an apartment in Nashville when he was going to high school before his parents moved up here and we became very close then. I wasn't much out of my teens then myself. We all had a lot of fun. 

When we moved into our first house and I was sick those few years, Jay put in a rose garden for me and it was so beautiful! Now he has a spectacular garden of his own.

When we were at Millview church, I taught the 4th & 5th grades for years and Jay became my helper, then co-teacher and when we left, he has carried on and is an excellent teacher who has taught a whole lot of Bible knowledge to a bunch of youngsters. 

My first dog Gretchen loved Jay probably more than me and slept in his room.

Anywho, he's special to us.

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Debbie said...

Dear Sweet Julie,

I'm enjoying reading your blog. Oh, how I wish we could have really know each other growing up. It's not too late to try to visit each other.

Love you,