Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Adorable Class

These are my adorable Wednesday night Bible class kids!

They are sweet, really funny, cute, so helpful, still climb on the tables, hide under the tables, love to color, love to listen, love to sing and LOVE to talk and tell me the FUNNIEST  stories that I know would cause their parents to blush!

They bless me every week!

I was missing two more boys and one more girl who were absent.  It can get wild and crazy in there!

Aren't they cute?!


Uno Who said...

Hey, where's that post about you getting old? Imagine your sister stirring a pot of tomato soup with no fire under it. She just kept looking at me like a deer.

Julie said...

So cute. Makes me miss teaching.

Mindy said...

Those kids are the cutest! Love It!