Monday, July 20, 2009

Diving In A Moving Vehicle

I found and bought this framed print in a darling little shop in Santa Barbara, California. Leslie and I had found it on one of our sister trips. I had been looking for something special and at the end of the trip I decided to go back and buy this picture as my souvenir for the trip.

Anyone who has been to downtown Santa Barbara knows there is traffic on the main street. Leslie decided to let me out and I go purchase the picture and by the time she came back around and by the store that hopefully I would be ready just to hop in the car without her having to park.

Well, all went well with the purchase and Les is calling me saying "I'm coming by! Come on!" So I tell the lady this and we hurry.

This is a LONG picture. I come out and see Les already down the street some and she has her window down still moving in the opposite far direction and yells, "Run!" So of course I run down the sidewalk with people looking at me like I had just robbed a store with this huge thing under my arm and someone in a car yelling "Run!" I had to practically jump in the backseat with this picture behind Leslie's seat because I didn't have time to go around to the passenger side and fit the picture and me in time since the light was changing.

Why didn't we just park like any other normal person, you say? Were you in a rush somewhere, you say? No, we just didn't want to pay for parking and we're just plain crazy!

So now every time I look up at that picture in my family room, I think of me running and diving in the back of a PT cruiser rental that my sis was driving!


dgayle said...

I love that story. It sounds like Liz and me or Emily, Susan and me! So much fun!!!

Leslie said...

Woooo Hooooo!
We would not have that story for you to tell the world, if we had not made it into another adventure!! I can see you now, and I am laughing at the sight!!!!!It was so classic, since that thing was 2.5 ft long.
Love ya, sis.