Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rivers and Cavern Fun

We have had a blast today! The Dancing Bear lodge is the sister lodge of the famous Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN. It is similar in some ways but much more relaxed. We have slept on a heavenly feather bed for the past too nights and it makes me want to put a feather bed on top of my mattress at home. Aaaaah!

Yesterday there was a lot of rain and the rain hitting the tin roof all night made the entire trip for me. Having a two story at home with our bedroom on the main floor cuts out hearing the rain on the roof. Last night it was really coming down on the roof and DH and I woke up and agreed that it had made the trip and enjoyed listening as long as we could stay awake. Lots of cricket sounds, a porch swing, dark woods and mountain mist!

This morning we woke up to more rain, so we decided to tour some local caverns (caves). We were about 500 feet under ground in a cavern system that was about 4 miles wide. Lots of rock formations and two water falls.

This afternoon at 4:45, it finally was sunny enough for us to float down the river. We were the last group to float and with all the rain, it just took about 30 minutes when it normally takes 1 hour and a half. So in other words, we flew down that the Little Pigeon river because all of the rain. The owners of the company floated along with us and were able to tell us where to go and when she got out, she said that it was the best float she had had the whole season.

I jumped off my float one time when I was getting close to the end and totally went under and was unable to even touch the river bottom. 65 degree water! It was cold! That was an accident and surprised me with how strong the current was. When I finally got to the side, one of the company guys said he had to get in the water about 50 times that day to help pull people out because of all the excess water and fast current.
It was a blast though and finished our trip was a bang! DH said that it made the trip for him.

Back home tomorrow to the pups and I know they have had fun having Inez all to themselves.

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