Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paris Opera

Here are a few more pictures of the Paris Opera House that I took with my cell phone. A little fuzzy in places, but you still feel the grandeur. I think we all gasped our way through this beauty and dreamed of going back in time and attending.


vicki archer said...

Fuzzy or not....totally beautiful, xv.

Jo Hallford said...

the pics are beautiful. So glad you were able to see it. Mom

Faye said...

I have tried to send a messsage and this maybe a repeat. But I was wanting to get copies of pictures from our Europe trip. If it would not be any troulbe. I will send you money to cover the cost for the CD.
I enjoyed your blog and pictures of Savannah.

Faye Roberts
7675 Johnson Road
Palmetto Ga 30268