Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Family Visited

Today Les and the kids headed back to Georgia. Todd/Uno-who has to go to work this Friday so they want to get home and spend a little time with him. Les says he will be flying to Guadalajara this month.

Last night we all drove the one and a half hour to Andalusia, Alabama for my Aunts visitation. Mom and Dad went back this morning for the funeral. It was a sad time, but a good visit with my cousins. Savannah was able to meet four of my first cousins and their children. It was amazing to see some of the resemblances between family and photos.

My dad came from such a huge family (7 brothers and 3 sisters), that it is impossible to see and spend time with all of our extended family. It made me a little sad because they are such wonderful people! Jimmy and Linda, it was so good to see you both and catch up! Please come to Atlanta or Nashville and see us. Your family and children were so sweet!

My Dad had talked to Jimmy about my blog a while back and so when I talked to Jimmy last night, he had a good story for me.

Years ago in Monroeville, Alabama, which is only about forty-five minutes from Andalusia, they were filming 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' Jimmy said that Harper Lee was having a book signing and he went to get his book signed and struck up a conversation with her and ended up walking back with her to her house and she fixed him a glass of iced tea and had a conversation with him on her front porch. He said she was one of the most interesting people he had ever met! I love a great author story!

Jimmy told Mom this morning that he thought with all the Oxford, Mississippi connections I had that I would write about William Faulkner. She told him that I had. So Jimmy, you might have to go back and read some past months blogs.

It is quiet here at the cottage. The sky is so black with just a sliver of moon, with stars as bright as I could remember. Leslie told Sydney last night that they needed to study some astronomy because the stars were so bright last night.

Dad was quite melancholy last night and today. He loved his brother Jim something strong. This morning at the old Pleasant Home grave site, he looked over his loved ones graves. His mama, his brother Jim, his grandparents, his great grandparents, Cross's and Martins, a favorite fifteen year old cousin Foy Dubois,who had died when dirt caved in on him and now Aunt Luke rests with her Jim.

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Leslie said...

It was great to see the family. I wish it had been under better circumstances, but knowing Aunt Luke, she would have wanted us all to get together no matter what.Everyone was so sweet. Those Hallford's are a great bunch,not that I'm biased(HA!)

I believe I meant ASTRONOMY not ASTROLOGY. Although, I need a little Astrology to tell me how many brain cells I have left.