Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It Started With Camping

My love for travel began when my parents started taking us camping.  When I was born, until I was two and Leslie five or so, we had a Volkswagen pop-up camper.  We had that until Leslie got into her falling off the bed and breaking her arm/collar bone stage.

Then we got a Starcraft camper.  It was one of those crank first, then pull out the sides camper.  We went all over in that thing and even joined a camper club.  That's when there are places decided upon by the club to go together. Leslie and I had so much fun playing with other kids, searching for garnets in mountain creeks, and inhaling so much of the outdoors that we went to sleep with the crackling pops and murmurings of listening to the adults talk around the bonfire. 

Until we went to the Low country of South Carolina.  Mom and Dad were up in the middle of the night using duct tape to tape up all the cracks in the pop-up because of mosquitoes!  I slept through most of it, but it had a lasting effect on mom and dad.  The starcraft was sold and we moved up to the Coachman.

The summer I went into the 6th grade and Les was in 9th, Mom and Dad planned a 3 week trip around the United States.  We still talk about what we saw and did on that trip!  Believe me, a lot can happen when you are cooped up with family for 3 weeks!  

My most traumatizing memory was when we were camping in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.  All we had heard and the only signs I remember reading were:  "Do not feed the bears!"  That can surely scare an eleven year old!

In the camper, everyone had their place to sleep.  Mom and Dad on the Queen bed over the cab and Leslie got the bunk in the back, so that left me with the sofas that made out into a bed. Surrounded on three sides by windows!   Well, I can tell you that I did not sleep a wink the entire time in Yellowstone!  I knew that I would be the first to be gobbled up when that bear came through one of those windows! I couldn't get Les to sleep with me any in that campground!

Swimming in hot springs, seeing the St. Louis arch, visiting Washington D.C., watching bats fly out of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico and seeing the Grand Canyon are a few of the sights I saw in that camper. 

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Leslie said...

That was some trip. I'll never forget it. That is probably one of my best memories. Astoria Hot Springs, WYoming. God made some beutiful countrty up there. Remember the fun house?
Those bats circling out of Carlsbad was amazing!
I remember how BIG Texas is!
Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Damn, Juarez Mexico. Reading Watership Down the whole trip from over the top of the cab on the bed.
I think every family need a trip like that. Our family is all the more closer due to that vacation!
Love Ya! Thanks for the memories!