Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday DH!

Happy Birthday to My Darling Husband!

Happy Birthday my love!
I am SO thankful for you!
You make me a better person and you make everyone around you happy!
You have the most tender, giving heart of any man I know.

I love you more every day that I am blessed to have with you!
This man of mine has never even raised his voice to me in 23 years OR purposefully said a hurtful word to me. 

I pray every day that Savannah will find a husband that loves her like you love me!

I hope I get to spend your next 44 years and more with you!


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday DH! He is a dear, dear man!

Leslie said...

Hey man, Happy B'day!
How much moolah did you give up for that gushiness? Ha!

You know I Love ya!!!!

You are the best brother-n-law anyone could have. Thank's for taking care of sis!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday, Super John! I wish I had looked at the calendar more closely so I could have told you in person last night. Hope it was wonderful!!