Monday, January 19, 2009

To Have Chili With Beans or Not

We have a conundrum around here that I am sure has frustrated and astounded many families like mine.  And we are just not sure what to do about it.  There is not an equal vote.

DH and I don't like beans in our chili.  Savannah likes beans and few if any tomatoes.

I have been fixing chili with ground beef and lots of chunks of tomato for years.  Savannah has picked around the tomatoes and just eaten juice and meat.

The last time I fixed chili, I added a can of chili beans just for my girl and found myself very disappointed in my own dinner.  I ended up spooning my beans over to Savannah.

What should I do? Should I fix it the way I want to? Should I have a can of beans on the side that have not been simmered into the chili on the side for my daughter? That can't taste that good!

We love chili in the winter! I almost fixed it for tonight. When DH called I asked him if he would like chili tonight.  He said, "Absolutely not."  I was hurt, thinking the beans had put him off last time and he forever didn't want my chili anymore.  I asked, "Why not?"  He said, "Because I just had Krystal chili for lunch today."   Oh...okay, his life was saved.

Any suggestions for dinner?


Mandy said...

Too funny - I grew up with chili that had lots of beans...but when Mark and I got married, I quickly learned that this boy doesn't like his beans but one So, chili was a problem. Our problem has since been solved - we pull out 2 pots...he does his chili the way he likes it and I do mine the way I like it. So mind you, when we make chili, we really have to want chili because we end up with 2 pots and 2 people to eat it....but it's fabulous!!!

Jamie said...

What do you consider a chili bean? I like beans in my chili. I used dark and light red kidney beans and black beans in my last batch. I have heard that other people use pinto beans so I might try that next time. This is for chili that you eat from a bowl or on top of Fritos... If it is for hotdogs I prefer no beans.

Kelli said...

There are those crock pots that have double compartments! Maybe you can put beans in the chili on the right and extra tomatoes in the chili on the left! We eat ours beanless too...

Uno Who said...

Chili beans are only good for one thing and most women don't like that one thing.

The McCullough's said...

We like beans in our chili - I usually use one can of chili beans and one can of light red kidney beans. But I have had (and liked)chili without beans...but I have never made it that way.