Friday, January 16, 2009

Go Away Static!

Winter. I love the snowflakes, hot bowls of soup, fires in the fireplace, sweaters, tights, scarf, smoke coming out of the chimney and the flannel sheets. But... I do not like the static electricity!

The blankets are shocking me in the night with little flashes of lightning.  My hair is standing up on end and my skirt is walking up my tights.

Yes, I do use bounce.  I didn't use conditioner today to try to calm my hair down.  Nothing works! I am a walking conductor!


Mandy said...

Girl I agree - it's horrible! That's the one thing I can't stand about this time of year - well, that and cracked hands! Oh well!

Julie said...

You make me laugh!

Uno Who said...

Must be that plate in your head.

Julie said...

Wrong! That's in YOUR head Cousin Eddie!