Monday, July 14, 2008

Babe and the gentle Farmer

The other day I was flipping on the television and came across the movie "Babe."  It had been a long time since I had seen it and I had forgotten what a precious movie it is and one of my all time favorite movie scenes is in it.

The mean cat has told Babe that he is just being loved on so he can be fattened up and eaten and he has no hope. Babe is heartbroken and runs away.  The kind gentle giant farmer (James Cromwell?) finds Babe and the vet says he won't make it unless he eats.  The kind farmer tries to feed Babe in his arms with a bottle.  Babe doesn't start eating until the farmer starts singing this sweet, loving song.  

This little song just makes me cry with happiness.  It starts out sweet and Babe starts eating.  It builds in tempo and the gentle farmer gets up and starts to dance for him right there in his living room while Babe watches him from the sofa, happy and loved.

I think of my heavenly Father in the role of the gentle farmer, desolate when he has lost one of his own, and then the joy of bringing us home, feeding us and then dancing with joy!


Sandra said...

I have loved the movie "Babe" ever since I saw it on the first night it came out in theaters. I appreciate the interesting take on the story that you present here. As the mother of adopted children, I appreciated so much the way the sweet dog loved and cared for the precious little, much the way our Father loves and cares for us, his adopted children. I think I want to rewatch "Babe" very soon.

Uno Who said...

I think the best scent for pigs would be hickory smoke. We are still talking perfume right?