Friday, July 11, 2008

End of Week News

Savannah just finished a week of working at Elaine's art day camp.  She had an absolute blast! There were nine darling little girls between the ages of 3 and 9.  She says they all wanted to be in her lap at some point in time.  I am so proud of her!  She loved listening and watching Elaine teach them and she always came home thinking about what she could do to help for the next day. It's wonderful when Savannah has been able to apprentice under someone like Elaine who is so creative, talented and imaginative and has so much to teach and pass on to Savannah.  She said it brought back so many memories of her art classes as a child.  And she says it was fun!  It's a great lesson on working and doing what you love at the same time.  

Sunday after church we will head to the cottage at the beach for a visit.  After 20 years plus, mom and dad are putting in a swimming pool. We are so excited! Yes, we will still go swim in the ocean lots. DH just won't have to worry about sharks so much!  They say it should take about 6 weeks or so. With this heat, it won't come soon enough.  They are trying to decide what trees can stay and what trees have to go. That's the main reason one hasn't been put in before. The wind bent oaks are beautiful and only native to the area. I told them on the phone that I hope they can get all that worked out and all the big decisions done before we get there.  Mom chuckled. 

We have been having some of the best speakers at our church summer series on Wednesday nights.  I will have to say I think the second speaker was the best and was outstanding!! Oh, did I mention it was my DH (darling husband)?  I think he worked on it for 6 months.  And you could tell that he had put a lot of time, thought and preparation.  He sure was happy when he finished and it was over too!


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