Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beach Music

Wow! What a read Beach Music has been! It is over 700 pages long and is quite a long summer read.

The first three chapters take place in Italy, so it was a beautiful beginning.  Pat Conroy writes lyrically and it was a joy reading as he described the sights, smells and tastes wherever he is.  

Beach music is the sound that the ocean makes that we love to listen to.  I love that!

I liked reading the book, but I was really not in a place in my life where I could fully enjoy it like I might at another time.  There are certain times that I can appreciate someone writing about an incredibly disfunctional family with a capital "D", and this summer is not one of them. I felt like I was reading about lots of people I know, have known and loved.  This I believe is where his talent lies.    

Mr. Conroy definitely knows how to write about the South and I hope he continues to write more books.  I was exhausted by the time I finished this one.  Back to my cozy mysteries for me!


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Uno Who said...

Julie, could you please post a full book report? There is no way I could ever live long enough to read 700 pages myself. Thanks for your understanding.