Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Notes from the Porch Swing

This morning we awoke to the yummy scent of Poppy's beignet's. Poppy has a standing tradition of making French donuts at least once a visit when we are all together. He uses the real Cafe du Monde mix from New Orleans and he has it down to a science.

DH's parents came down two days ago and they are enjoying the condo they are renting. We went over and visited with them for the afternoon. It's always fun to see how another person decorates their space and this one was different for a beach condo. They used the jungle theme. Elephants, monkeys, tiger prints, lots of brown accent walls and wrought iron. Mrs. C said she was going to have to spend a while to make sure they haven't left anything because of the darker colors and prints.

It is so very hot down here! It feels like you walk right into a sauna when you go out. You pretty much need to be in the water all the time.

DH leaves tomorrow and we have all had such a great time! He is going to leave us for a week and then come back giving us some more time with mom and dad. Sav is finishing up her required reading and is looking forward to seeing her friends at school, but not the schedule.

The pool has been dug and poured with concrete, but still has a long way to go. DH says maybe we can try to come back over labor day weekend and try it out.

Today we are all going to try to see the movie Mama Mia and hit the outlet mall. DH is creaming us all at Mexican dominoes and he is not being humble about winning. He's rubbing it in to much. So, I am off to try again to bring him down a little.

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Mandy said...

Glad you're all having fun! Mom and Court saw Mamma Mia and LOVED it - Mom said it was incredible! Look for Melanie Thompson King at the outlets today...they are there as well! Hope you find some good things - love those outlets!