Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scents Galore!

I love, love, love perfumes, colognes, body butters, lotions, hand cremes and free samples!!!! I am always looking for that "signature" scent that is the perfect one for me.  My sister Leslie is the same.  It must be a genetic thing because Sav seems to have her favorites too. 

I thought I would list some of my favorites, some of Leslie's favorites and Sav's favorites.

The ones I tend to wear in the day are:
Trish McEvoy-Blackberry & Vanilla Musk-very light (can spray lots)
Betsy Johnson (Jodie wears this one too)
Fresh-Sugar Lychee (can spray lots)
Jo Malone-White Jasmine & Mint (my friend Cleo introduced this line to me. Her sweet daughter buys her all kinds, like Pomegranate and Lime, Basil, Mandarine that Cleo always shared with us on the bus in Italy & the U.K.)

Love, but can't find anymore anywhere:
Decleor-Aromantic (I always got compliments on this, so I am using this one sparingly)

DH's favorites that I wear:  
Viktor & Rolf-Flower Bomb
(He has only told me once not to wear one again and thank heavens it was a sample! Bond No. 9-Riverside, too masculine)  

Favorites I found out about in Europe that you can find here now:
Blue Mediteraneo- Fico di Amalfi (Fig)
                                   Mandorlo di Sicilia (Almond), love this in the body oil too
                                  Arancia di Capri-(Orange)

Past signature scents: still wear occasionally
Fracas by Robert Piguet (very soft)
Popy Moreui- (bought at Nordstrom in San Francisco years ago) -my friend Jodie has made                                 this her signature scent and it smells fabulous on her! 

I bought these in New York and they were just right there (I guess because of all the smog and car fumes & etc..., but here they are a little strong. Wear these in winter with a very light spritz):
Tom Ford-Noir de Noir
Bond no. 9-Nuits de Noho- I absolutely LOVE this one! This whole line is incredible!

Other strong ones I like:
Prada Infusion D'Iris
Bond No. 9-Chinatown & The Scent of Peace (spritzed on top of each other)

Favorite Lotions/Creams:
Flower Bomb Voluptuous Body Cream
Annick Goutal-Eau d'Hadrien body creme
The Body Shop Body Butters-Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango and Grapeseed
L'Occitane-Amande (almond)
Caswell-Massey-Almond & Aloe Body Balm 

Savannah's favorites:                                             
Escada-Pacific Paradise                                                 
Clarins- par Amour Toujours                                      
Unforgivable Woman-Sean John                                 
Incanto-Salvatore Ferragamo                               
Escada-Moon Sparkle                                                       
Nina Ricci-Nina                                                

Leslie's (my sis) Favorites:
Bond No. 9- Hamptons- her #1
                      Chelsea Flowers
                      Andy Warhol, Union Square
                      West Side
                      The Scent of Peace
Roberto Verino
Miss Dior
Narcisso Rodriguez
Chanel Chance
...and lots more!

I told you I was crazy about the stuff! 
What's your favorite scent?


Mandy said...

Wow, you do love your perfume! A POOL?!?! How nice! So I'm trying to picture where it will be - I wouldn't want to decide which trees go and which ones stay either - hope they get all that figured out before you arrive. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I miss those gorgeous white beaches. I think my favorite Justice family picture was taken after eating at Picalo's - we went down to the beach for the sunset. Actually, that might have been the last time we stayed at your parent's cottage....I think that was 7 or 8 years ago. Wow. That brought back some great memories!!!

Uno Who said...

Best scent for a woman is corn bread.