Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Birthday Girl

 Savannah checking out her presents...she had an incredible birthday week.  Spirit week at school had them wearing neon t-shirts (proceeds going to Africa) on Friday.
Cookie Cake

No picture please Daddy!
Mani/Pedi with the peeps:  Sav, Katie G, and Katie C
Amy and Holly

Savannah had a great birthday week!  It was spirit week at school so they all had fun dressing up.  First up was Tuesday at her Aunt Julie's house for a party for Aunt Julie (DH's sister), who was also celebrating her birthday on October 8th. Savannah got some great gifts also from family.

Wednesday was the big day for Savannah. 17!  I can't believe it!  I carried two California Pizza kitchen Hawaiaan pizzas and red velvet cake to Savannah and her girlfriends for lunch at school.  She was all smiles.
She was also excited because her chorus class sang Happy Birthday to her at school too.  After school we went to Ulta cosmetics store for a little shopping.  She is crazy for make-up!  But thank heavens she has a light hand with it.  Followed by dinner at Olive Garden, Wednesday night Bible class, and back home for cookie cake.

Friday after school, she and 4 of her closest friend went to get manicure/pedicures before the big Friday night football game.  (Undefeated!!)

And Thursday we are off to birthday party some more with the other side of the family in Florida!

Savannah had an AWESOME (her words) week!  She is a joy and such a blessing to us!


Mandy said...

Looks like a fabulous party week (continuing in FL too)! I love the picture of Savannah holding her hand out so John can't take her picture and the dog jumping on you! Typical 17! Looks like she has a wonderful group of girls - pedis are always the best...and you can't top a Cookie Cake!! Happy 17th!

Cindy Shapton said...

You go girls - birthday joys should last longer then a day...afterall, it takes a whole year to get there!