Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little Changes

Today I went around the house and removed the rabbit pottery, eggs and other Spring/Summer decor and generally just cleared out a lot of knick knacks that were sitting around on tables.  I pulled out throws for the backs of the sofas, set some pine cones in a basket, set out some acorns and changed out candles for the smells of fall.

I had not done that yet and I had visited a few friends houses who had and it made me come home and make a few changes.  I guess it is a good way to welcome each season.

On Sunday I made homemade Spice Tea and homemade hot chocolate so when it does turn cold I will be ready to scoop some out into cups for my company. Yum! 

Just little changes make such a difference in the home you love.  I want DH and Sav be glad to come home.  I want it to be their refuge.  I want to curl up on the sofa under a blanket and talk in the dark by fire glow.  I want all our cares to fade away for a while and just sit and 'be'.  


Mandy said...

As soon as we got back from the beach, I pulled my Fall stuff out! Sometimes it's such a short season b/c Christmas is right around the corner! I too love coming home to the smells of Fall (Hot Cin. Bun candle)! And since it's turned cooler, Mark has already asked me to make the hot cocoa mix! What is in your mix? Do you use the dry milk recipe? Hope you guys are doing well!

Julie said...

I love this time of year. It's such a warm feeling to pull out cozy throws and fall candles. There's just something about fall.

Uno Who said...

What's the difference between Julie and Martha Stewart?

Five months in prison! Badup bump...

Julie said...

I do use the dry milk, nesquick, confectioner's sugar and creamer. Yum! Hot cin bun candle sounds like a great one!