Monday, October 13, 2008

A Fun Monday

What a lovely day I have had today!  First off was my Monday morning Bible study with my ladies.  We are studying scripture and encouraging one another in our marriages.  These are just five of us that have been married anywhere from 23 (me) up to 38 years.  It is sharing marriage encouragement, wisdom, tips, and most importantly praying for our husbands.  Things really are a whole new ballgame at this time in our lives.  It's better and harder at the same time.  I guess sometimes you can get too comfortable, huh? Got to always be working on it!

Next, I headed up to Brentwood to my friend Kimberly's house for a lovely lunch on her gorgeous covered patio, overlooking her new outdoor stone chimney and all the beautiful falling leaves and the cool breeze.  She set a  yummy table with our own place cards, linen napkins and each of us had our own take-home fall leaf pottery plate with a glass candle.  (My scented candle was Macintosh Apple, fab!!)  The tableware was a pretty pink/brown melamine plates, bowls and goblets, perfect for outdoors.

The conversation was great too!  Kimberly, me, Jeana, Muffy, Mary Lee (was my R.A. at Lipscomb) and Neila caught up on what has been going on in our lives and we got tickled with laughter, exactly what happens when us girls get together! Thanks Kimberly for another fun filled day!  Can't wait to head to Birmingham in November for our Junior League Market get-away and spa retreat!

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Uno Who said...

You watch too much Martha Stewart.