Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Halloween Tale

The ones who heard it couldn't believe it. It caused a couple to hide under their breakfast table. One lady literally screamed until her husband could reassure her that everything was alright.

The babies started crying and it took the mothers pulling out bottles and lots of cuddling to calm them down.

A man at the far table almost choked on a piece of bacon.

Everyone was turning around to see what the noise was at the beautiful, relaxing California breakfast eatery.

............It was Todd. Blowing his nose. For those of you have lived through it, know it. That such a small nose on such a big man can have such a sound come out is...truly indescribable.


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Leslie said...


Last night ,Todd came upstairs and I was already in bed. He said in a surprising voice," You have GOT to come downstairs, and read what your sister has written about me, You won't believe what she said I did!"
Now. I was tired and didn't read it till this morning. I know that she is the only person in the world that can embarrase him. Woman, you did it in the fine professional style and with great flair,like you always do. Great job Sis!! Love you !!

Uno Who said...

I'm offened :(