Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hoping to Go One Day to...

1. Egypt & Petra

2. Greece & surrounding islands

3. Prague

4. Spain

5. Provence, France

6. Jerusalem & the Bible lands

7. Budapest

8. Vienna

9. Marrakesh & Casablanca, Morocco

10. Norway, Sweden & Iceland


Ever Grateful said...

where do you come up with these wonderful ideas and places? I am praying to come into a mighty inheritance (has to be an unknown distant relative) so I can tag along to all the exotic places carrying your bags or just basking in your amazing travel skills---skills I have personally witnessed and benefited from.
love with passports on top, elaine

Mindy said...

I will admit it. I think I am secretly scared to go out of the country. I need your help with my courage so I can go see how much fun these places are too.