Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas

Got an email from Les this morning!  She and the kids are coming up Thursday for Pumpkinfest here on Saturday!  I always get excited when they come!  Les and I always pick up where we last left off having fun.  When she gets settled in from driving or flying, she'll say, "Got any new magazines?" or "Have you read anything good lately?"  Every time. I love it! Then we just dive right in on catching up.  Thank Heaven for sisters!

I did get my first book from a publisher to review!  It looks like a great read for the upcoming Christmas season.  Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas by Maria Rodgers O'Rourke.  I think we could all do that!  It looks like just what I need to start thinking about the Reason for the season.  I could just fly past Halloween and be thankful for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming! I'll let you know how the book is!

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