Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Cottage Garden Story

I just had to include these photos of Jodie and her lovely cottage garden. Her garden is featured in the April issue of 'Tennessee Gardener' magazine.  It's a sweet article written by another of our friends, the 'Cracked Pot' gardener, Cindy, who also blogs and has written a book herself. Cindy and Jodie have been friends for years and years and Cindy knows all the hard work Jodie and Tom have put into their garden. Both Jodie and Cindy have such giving and loving hearts and I am so blessed to have them as my forever friends! Many a table, wedding and friends have been given flowers from this little peaceful setting. One of my favorite parts of the garden is a trickling water feature made from a grist mill stone.  Jodie has place beautiful pebbles and rocks from her travels in and around. There is even a stone that I love to touch that Tom brought back from the area where David fought Goliath when he visited the Bible lands!

 My pictures do not do the article justice and the garden right now is even more incredible! Just check out those 'Lady Banks' roses that Jodie shares with me and are on my kitchen table as we speak! Well done girls!!


vicki archer said...

This garden looks like it must be absolutely gorgeous, xv.

Leslie said...

It is just beautiful! Tell Jodi congrats , what an honor. She deserves it, as hard as she works to make it look so lovely!

Mandy said...

I get this magazine and now have to go back and look again knowing that I know who's garden that is! Wow! What an honor! Thank you so much for letting me stay with you! I had a great time and hated to go! We did make it to DQ as promised and it was so good! I love you all and can't wait for Paris!!!